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If you own a business, you probably know there are some bad times when business is a little weak and you need to find new customers. In the past, the professionals would walk down the street and shout their wares, trying to find new customers. Today customers google you, and when you need something it's the first place you turn. To ensure that customers first contact you, you must invest in SEO.

In this article we will explain to you how the world of SEO works, how SEO is done right for your site, and how you too can become the first result on Google when looking for the name of the profession you are engaged in.

Who does that matter to?

SEO is important for all business owners wherever they are. It doesn't matter if you're a plumber, locksmith, software landlord or courier company – if you own a business, however small or large, SEO can help you a lot.

Try it yourself – when something breaks down at home, what's the first thing you do? Many will answer that the first thing they do is take the smartphone, write the name of the patch and the city where you live on Google. This is how the first results are more likely to be called to you rather than your competitors.

How does SEO work?

SEO is a code name for thousands of different methods that SEO professionals use to "beat" the search engine apparatus and raise the business for which they work up the search results list.

It is important to note that the mechanism by which search engines, primarily Google, choose the order of search results changes every few months to years, and according to search engines these are moves that make their search more appropriate, faster and more professional. Therefore, SEO is not a one-time thing, but it is necessary to work in this field over time and only so see results.

The goal of search engines is to present the first surfer with the results that best match the search words he wrote, while providing as much quality content as possible to the surfer. Therefore, search engines promote up the results the sites where there is the most quality content relevant to the search words that the surfer was looking for.

Search engines work daily on developing special formulas (algorithms) that are constantly engaged in analyzing the websites, the target audience, the keyword and the user's level of enjoyment from the site, in order to assure the surfer that the highest quality results are the ones that will appear first.


What is important to take care of in SEO?

Because of the tendency to fill the site with as much content as possible, there are many errors that people with no EXPERIENCE in SEO make on their site, sometimes to save money, and sometimes simply from lack of knowledge. The first and most common mistake is filling the site with junk content – copying articles from other sources, writing unrelated words, translating articles from English on "Google Translight" and more, with the goal being to try to deceive search engines and make them believe that it is a site with content.

In addition to entering quality content, the promoter also takes care to optimize the user experience on the site – delete duplicate pages, make sure the menus on the site are designed in an accessible way, develop external blogs that link to the site and add to the user experience, creating different platforms that will promote and publish the site, and more.

What should I know when choosing a SEO company?

Choosing a SEO company is a difficult choice, but if you know what to look for in your SEO company, this choice becomes easier. Ask to see results – if the company knows how to lift a number of sites to the top of the lists in competitive and difficult words – then it could be a professional company. Also, try asking about the nature of the content the company writes, ask for a detailed offer from the company to promote the business, and match it with at least 2-3 different offers.

Here at Saint's we specialize in a variety of methods of SEO, adapt to the many changes that Google's algorithms undergo, and use quality content, original and accurate to promote our sites. We are waiting for you to make your site number one on Google!

Numbers speak

Have you heard of the concept of conversion ratio? The simplest and clearest way to explain the conversion rate is the probability that visitors to your site will perform a desired action that is defined or considered to be of specific value to you. For example, to illustrate this, if a visitor to your site fills out the contact form and click Submit in case it happens and this is your desired action from the site then you will have a 100% conversion rate here.

Of course, there's actually no 100% conversion rate, but don't despair. Figures show that a statistical average of how much Industries showed that the average conversion rate on the sites and landing pages published for them was 2.35%. However, 25% of the most successful campaigns rely on a conversion percentage of 5.31% or higher.

By and large the goal should be to break the 10% barrier and thus enter the Premier League of successful campaigns. The statistics show that the leading campaigns in the market, and it is landing pages or websites of course, bring results with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher.

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